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Making a will is the best way to leave clear instructions about who you want to benefit from your estate.

Everyone should have a will, but it is particularly important to get specialist advice if you:

  • want to provide for someone with a learning disability, dementia, addiction or mental health difficulties.
  • are leaving money or property to someone who receives care or means tested benefits
  • have a child under the age of 16
  • are co-habiting but not married
  • are separated but not divorced
  • are part of a blended family
  • are concerned about tax

Where these circumstances apply, leaving appropriate instructions in your will can make a huge difference to the outcome. For example, where a person receives care or benefits then leaving money in Disabled/Vulnerable Trust will save them thousands every year in the longer term.

What happens if there is no will?
If you do not leave a will then the law sets out who inherits your money and property. This can result in people you wouldn’t have chosen benefiting from your estate. For example, if you are cohabiting, your brothers and sisters could inherit rather than your partner. It might also take longer, and be more expensive, to administer your estate.

Other considerations
We will often recommend you think about signing a power of attorney to protect you if injury or illness leave you unable to make decisions in the future. If you are providing for a close family member, we may also suggest guardianship.

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