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A Guardianship Order may be needed where someone over the age of 16 has

  1. Never been able to make their own decisions; or
  2. Lost the ability to make decisions (but has not previously granted a Power of Attorney).

Our solicitors can make for someone else an application to Court to have you appointed as a Guardian. They will talk through your circumstances and make sure you have all the powers you need. Most clients need welfare and some limited financial powers, but our advice will depend on your individual circumstances.

The types of decisions you might need to make are usually about:

  • Living Arrangements
  • Care and Support
  • Medical Treatment
  • Money and Property

Some people will need more specific powers about diet, relationships, restraint, access to social media or sale of property. We will talk to you in detail about what is appropriate. We can also help you apply for an Intervention Order (a more limited Guardianship Order).

What is involved
It often takes 6 – 12 months from your first contact with us to being appointed. If you are thinking about becoming a Guardian in relation to a child, please contact us shortly after their 15th birthday so we can try to have powers in place for when they turn 16. We will arrange and coordinate the necessary reports and keep you updated during the process. We can also provide advice on ongoing duties after you are appointed.

Legal Aid
We are registered to carry out work under Legal Aid. We will be able to let you know what, if anything, you need to pay, before you decide about proceeding.

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